A Supervisor is an essential force in any organization. You have a powerful effect - good or bad - on the productivity of the people who work for you. You are the crucial link between the employee on the shop floor or at the desk, and management. Employees look to you to meet their job needs, and even some of their personal ones. Both groups require your leadership to get the job done.

The UNSSC in partnership with the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development, Inc., designed this self-paced course to enable Managers and Team Leaders to achieve results through the productive leadership of others, and to develop an efficient workplace environment. Participants will strengthen their conflict-management skills and learn how to become more effective in influencing others.

The first workshop on Strategic KM, to be implemented in collaboration with United Nations System Staff College targeting professional staff who are directly involved in knowledge generation. The main purpose of this workshop is to

·       enable strategic knowledge creation and sharing,

·       focus on key competencies required to lead innovation and change

·       examine how people shape and share “knowledge” especially by the use of networks and new collaborative methods,

·       find answers they can put into practice to some of the complex problems

·       encourage the use of innovative solutions, collaborative approaches and social media.

This workshop will enable managers to understand how to review and build the context, strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior and strategic level.  It will provide an opportunity to understand what coaching and mentoring involves and the  impact it can have on performance. It will also focus on developing more self-awareness by exploring managers’ values, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills as well as their communication skills, so as to assess and develop their abilities as a coach or mentor.


It aims to examine the competencies required to explore how to get the most out of coaching and develop strategic approaches for individual and team transitions. The workshop will examine how coaching can be used effectively to assist individuals to adapt to sometimes difficult and challenging work environments and how managers can  use coaching techniques to develop pragmatic approaches that lead to identifying solutions and embracing opportunities with more confidence.  Participants will have an opportunity to have a short coaching session with the workshop facilitator.

This three-month online development programme is tailored to Executive Officers and coordination professionals whose roles require them to be efficient multitaskers and versatile who can effectively balance changing priorities and communicating well with various colleagues.

The course provides participants with tools, templates and techniques to significantly increase productivity in the workplace, and strengthen skills to deal effectively with rising responsibilities and complex activities.