The programme takes you on a leadership journey with other highly experienced women professionals and is tailored to explore: different leadership approaches and their situational application, the gender and cultural dimensions of leadership, dynamics of power, influence and negotiation and deeper personal-professional coherence and self-awareness to develop a set of skills and competencies for transformative and charismatic leadership. 

This challenging and intensive Executive Programme is designed to meet the ILO's specific needs around executive leadership and strategic management. It has been tailor-made to respond to the strategic priority set by the Director-General for "an effective, influential and high-performance ILO”.  

The programme is focused on strategic leadership, taking into account the specific mandate of the ILO and its unique tripartite structure. It addresses the challenges of leading teams and change, influence and communication, innovation and impact.

At the request of the ILO, the programme has been developed jointly by the International Training Centre of the ILO and the UN System Staff College.

This leadership programme is specifically designed for middle level professionals, and uses an array of active learning  methodologies and tools such as peer-to-peer exchange, case study and reflection elements to create a rich and proactive learning environment.