This programme is designed to meet the needs of UN staff working with social media. It will give you an overview of the pros and cons of social networks and fundamental concepts including branding, networking and influencing. Sign up for the programme to master social media skills which will enable you to boost visibility across social media platforms, interact effectively with an engaged audience, build cost-effective and targeted campaigns. The goal is to help you create a social media strategy in line with the wider communication objectives of your organization. Social media monitoring and analysis will also be a significant component of the programme.

Writing is an essential skill in any organisation. The ability to write reports, draft project proposals, prepare substantive papers and communicate effectively with colleagues and partners is a crucial skill for any UN staff.

This five-week interactive course is designed to enhance the ability of staff to effectively draft a wide variety of documents through increased sensitivity to language, structure and content. Also, participants will be exposed to a variety of techniques for drafting documents that are adapted to the audience and have impact.