This website hosts the UN System Staff College's (UNSSC) main virtual campus for UN staff. UN Knowledge Campus (UNKampus) is the entry point for participants in UNSSC courses, learning events and activities to reach related resources and tools.

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Use of this website is limited to alumni and participants in UNSSC learning programmes and knowledge sharing events. UN staff receive login instructions upon successful registration in a UNSSC course or event. Participation in UNSSC formal learning activities may require payment of a tuition fee.

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UNKampus contains dedicated pages and workspaces for face to face, blended and e-learning courses across all UNSSC programme areas: From leadership programmes, to specialised learning courses (sustainable development, conflict prevention) and core management competencies.  Log into UNKampus and use the link below to find shortcuts to all the dedicated pages for courses in which you are enrolled. 

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The Internet is a confusing world in which it is easy to get momentarily lost. Visitors interested in free and public e-learning resources should direct themselves to UNKampus Portals, a separate website that hosts freely accessible e-learning resources from across the UN system.  

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