A Supervisor is an essential force in any organization. You have a powerful effect - good or bad - on the productivity of the people who work for you. You are the crucial link between the employee on the shop floor or at the desk, and management. Employees look to you to meet their job needs, and even some of their personal ones. Both groups require your leadership to get the job done.

The UNSSC in partnership with the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development, Inc., designed this instructor-led online course to enable Managers and Team Leaders to achieve results through the productive leadership of others, and to develop an efficient workplace environment. Participants will strengthen their conflict-management skills and learn how to become more effective in influencing others.

What are the main decision challenges and risks within the UN? How do you overcome them effectively? What is the best alternative among many? How do you identify it?  What are the best decision tactics, and how can ethical decision making be encouraged?

Put together up-to-date knowledge on decision science with UN realities. This course supports participants to apply an effective array of decision making strategies and skills to turn UN policy into action.

Entirely redesigned to fit the learning needs and priorities of UN managers and staff, this course was designed and will be delivered in partnership with an outstanding team of senior leaders from the UN system and members of academia.

This course empowers General Service staff to contribute to organizational transformation through a culture and systems driven by UN values, efficiency and sustainable results.

To this end, the course helps participants build their skills in workflow and process analysis, enabling and supporting change in their teams and organisations, recognizing and responding appropriately to ethical dilemmas, event planning, records and procedure management.

Administrative assistants have to cover different roles, are constantly juggling a wide array of tasks and have to deal with many people on a daily basis. They are the backbone of any organization and office, especially in the UN context where staff turnover often occurs. This course provides participants with tools, templates and techniques to greatly increase productivity and effectiveness on the workplace. It is about working to the best of the abilities, and encouraging, in turn, the best in those who work in the same office environment.

The course is designed and delivered in partnership with the Institute for Leadership, Excellence & Development, Inc., which works with business professionals around the world who want to improve their ability to deliver projects and lead teams.